Different and Superior to products you currently use.

Lanoguard philosophy is simple, they manufacture natural less and non-toxic, anti-corrosive sprays, greases and lubricants which provide an alternative solution to those which are hazardous and petroleum based. They do all of this whilst ensuring they outperform the conventional products options.

High-Quality Product
We only use Lanoguard range of products. They are proven to give your vehicle the longest possible protection. When you protect your vehicle you want the peace of mind that it is done properly so each vehicle from start to finish can take up to 4 days to ensure that is achieved. Perfection takes time.
Undersealing is to prevent both corrosion and to close already existing holes in the undercarriage coating. Undersealing must be carried out in an efficient and correct way and must include not only the undercarriage, but also the wheel housing, panels and other exposed areas.
f your car is exposed to humid weather conditions or stone chips, this requires a high-quality undersealing. When the car is new, it is vital to be foresighted with undersealing. The undercarriage is extremely exposed, and if the surface is damaged rust is imminent. Stone chips, snow, sleet, and the humid British weather are all factors that can damage the undercarriage coating.



Why Lanoguard
At the heart of Lanoguard all the products are very long lasting, defend against rust, corrosion and electrolysis and provide water proofing in any situation. Being made from a base of lanolin and other natural products means Lanoguard is ecologically friendlier to the environment or ecology of the environment you're using it in.

Where you will really notice a huge difference and understand why our products are unique is that Lanoguard will stay in place and adhere tenaciously. It cannot be washed off or dissolved by petrol nor washed out or displaced by salt water spray. It won’t evaporate either! So it stays in place and keeps doing its job long after other products (especially petroleum marine grease) would have disappeared. It is non-conductive to 70kVA and therefore will completely prevent electrolysis (stopping seizing, rust or corrosion and allowing the products to be used on all electrics) and Lanoguard can resist jet washing up to 200 bar (3000 psi) of pressure so you are still able to wash off salt / oil / mud / dust / dirt / bird droppings or anything else that settles after you have applied Lanoguard.

A particular thing that sets Lanoguard apart is that because it is non-perishing and non-leaching it can be applied easily in areas of multiple surface types where you find metal, nylon, rubber, vinyl and plastic all in one place. A good example is on a whole engine bay where you would find different metals, plastic wires, rubber hoses and the like.

The "Outdoor" product line can also be used on wood and leather due to the outdoor product range having anti-fungal properties too.
Features & Technical properties
Lanoguard has a set of features and technical specifications which really set it apart. Once you understand these technical features you can really start to work out all kinds of uses for Lanoguard grease and sprays across all kinds of corrosion protection, waterproofing, electrical and lubrication applications. The Lanoguard features are:

- Natural and much, much longer lasting
- Salt, Acid and Alkaline resistant
- Hermetically seals the surface (so oxidation can’t occur (so rust can’t form nor continue))
- Waterproof (instantly waterproof anything)
- Jet wash resistant to 3000 psi or 200 bar (won't be displaced and will keep protecting after cleaning)
- Petroleum resistant (so petrol or diesel spillage or leakage wont displace it nor mix with it)
- Non-conductive to 70,000 volts (use on all electrics and circuit boards)
- Prevents galvanic corrosion and cold welding
- Prevents electrolysis (no more seized nuts and bolts or outboard motor legs!)
- Non-evaporative (won't dry out like normal grease leaving un-lubricated or protected parts)
- Heat resistant to 450 degrees celsius
- Adheres to all surfaces
- Non-leaching (won't spread to other adjoining surfaces and material)
- Non perishing (safe to use on all rubbers etc)
- Lubricating (amazingly low friction co-efficients)
- Very low friction coefficient
- Ecologically sound (can be used safely in marine environments)
- Our greases are Non-petroleum based (non-toxic or hazardous)