When it comes to branding, image is everything and that’s why here at 2K Customs, we have invested in the specialist design expertise and wide format digital print technology to ensure we can offer the highest quality services for your vehicles.

Printed graphics are commonly used on both commercial and private vehicles but not only. Whether you want to advertise your services in more detail or create an individual look for you car/item with an amazing quality, this is a great option while still on a budget. We can also wrap other items such as kitchens, coffins and whatever you can imagine 🙂
Do you want to create a high impact branded advertisement for your vehicles but without the expense of a full vehicle wrap? Partial wrap and graphics are a great way of creating a professional eye-catching look for your fleet.
Unrivalled impact and exposure for any business! Full digital print allows us to create truly bespoke one-of-a-kind wrap designs that will be sure to gain the attention of any road user and give your brand a lasting impression.

Our print technology.

Our studio houses the latest wide-format latex print technology. This is the perfect for large scale production and high-quality photographic imagery.  Wide-format is essential for us when printing vehicle wraps, this means that on almost all vehicles we can wrap each panel in one-piece without having to use an over-lap on any panels – ensuring a much higher quality finish.

Our HP Latex printer produces prints of incredibly high quality as it does not use solvent inks, which allows for a quicker and more efficient production when compared to solvent with shorter out-gasing/drying times. It is very useful for jobs that need a quick turn around.

All our vehicle wrap or graphic prints are laminated with a gloss or matte/satin laminate; this process seals and protects the prints. The layers also make the vinyl very easy to clean and maintain keeping your vehicle looking fresher for longer.


Vinyl is a very durable material.

Protecting Paint

Keeps your cars original paint in mint condition.

Clean Finish

Leaves a clean and smooth finish

Digital Wrap & Prints

Print on vinyl any company logo with digital wrap

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